we accidentally cut off our teachers nuts

June 17, 2008 - One Response

it was the most disgusting thing ive ever seen… all i can say is im soooo glad i dont have two of them… there was so much blood and screaming it was unbelievable… even though it seems like it got out of hand, i know our teacher will never fk around with us ever again… you can see everything at www.onthedoll.com including how brittany snow’s character made it all happen….xo


we are going to stop him from ever doing this again

June 14, 2008 - 3 Responses

i couldnt sleep for the last two days and ive decided today to be part of their plan to catch our teacher and show the whole world what a f’n jerk he is… just so you all know i called the police again and told them but they just said the same thing to bring her in that they couldnt do anything just based on my suspicions even though i tried to tell them my friend is to upset… so we all met at her house last nite and decided the best thing to do is to catch him in the act so at least we have some proof… her friend was saying how we have to retaliate but i told them it would be better if we just catch him trying to do it again so we decided definitely after school monday we r going to do it… their both going to go and try to hookup with him maybe even in his car or something and i am going to secretly video it just like when i saw them drinking in his car… im going to post it monday nite when i get home so he will finally be exposed to the entire world… i swear i think i may even make a special website for it and put his name on it so maybe the other students will come foward to… i know theres a rumor that he showered with one of the guys on the wrestling team which is really sick.. ive decided i dont care anymore if i get in trouble or even suspended right before graduation cuz no ones listening anyway… hes such a prick he can even sue me for ruining his perfect reputation or whatever cuz i feel such a prick anyway… i never thought id say it but for the first time this is really a situation that my music can wait in and we have to do something now for realz… we definitely wont let it get to out of hand or anything just enough to scare him and show the world what a f’n scum he is and how he tries to take advantage of his students… i made her friend promise that she wouldnt get too mad at him even though i know she wants to make him feel much pain but i said to just let the authorites deal with it… so anyway that is the plan and i feel like we will definitely have proof this time that we can take to the police and even our principal so they can at least see for themselves… i feel like this is the best way to do it and even though i want to just keep practicing my songs and writing i feel like she is my friend and my heart cries for the pain shes been through and i definitely cant look the other way anymore… monday after school is definitely going to be the day of reckning… 😦

i think our teacher raped my friend

June 13, 2008 - Leave a Response

i went over to my friends house and told her the police said she has to go there herself to make a report and all she did was get more upset… first for the fact that i even told the police but also because of the situation shes now in… i told her i didnt even mention her name but she still said theres no way she will go… her other friend was there too trying to tell her she shouldnt feel like she deserved it in any way and i completely agree with her… i told her going to the police is the right thing to do but she started crying alot and then finally admitted to us that she and the teacher hooked up over the memorial day weekend,,, she said it was in his car but she couldnt remember everything cuz he had given her some percs and also she drank too which i believe is a very bad combination… her friend asked her how many she took and she said there was a bunch in the beginning but then she remembers there were hardly any left which means she probably had at least five which can really mess you up… anyway her friend was getting more and more upset and we definitely convinced her it cant be considered her fault if she had sex with him while she was so f’d up… i mean that to me seems completely like rape… and i know her friend is the type that will get even with someone in a very mean way… she said if we go to the police now and they find out she took stuff and also drank its only going to get her in more trouble so instead they are going to figure out a plan of what to do on their own… i know the way her friend is and she can be very evil… i told them i am here to help them but it is really starting to make me worry about what her friend is capable of doing now that shes so angry… i really dont want to be involved in any of this drama i just really want to concentrate on my music but it is very hard because shes my friend and i think she needs people around her who can help her… 😦

now i definitely have to do something

June 8, 2008 - 3 Responses

the only thing good about all this drama with my friend and our teacher is that im now writing a new song about it… hopefully ill be able to record it this weekend so you can hear it… anyway i took that girl kari’s advice to heart and decided to call the police but when they asked me what happened i told them i wasnt quite sure because i was actually calling for my friend. they told me theres nothing they can do unless i bring my friend in so they can do a incident report… i told my friend this but she said theres no way she would ever go… i can tell she doesnt even want to deal with it but what makes me sad is that now i feel shes blaming herself for what happened and she thinks she deserved what happened to her because she says she might have led him on… this is so not right to me for the teacher to suddenly make her feel like guilty like that especially if he was the one who let her drink and maybe even got her so twisted she didnt really even know what was going on… how can she even be responsible then??? 😦

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now i am definitely worried for my friend

May 29, 2008 - 5 Responses

my friend was not at school all day yesterday and today so after class i went to her house and she was there… i could tell from her eyes something was really wrong but when i asked her all she said i was definitely right about the teacher… she was very apologetic about talking crap about me to her friends after i posted the clip of her and him drinking in the car… i asked her whats wrong but she said she couldnt tell me… all she would say was that she told her parents she was going to stay over with friends for the memorial day weekend but instead she stayed over at his house and something happened… shes being really reclusive and defensive but she did say my thoughts about him were completely accurate and correct… im personally worried something bad happened between them but she will not tell me what… ive tried my best to not let her situation interfere with me especially my music but the fact is shes my friend and i feel very bad something happened to her… its as if she has no one to confide in and now at least she knows i only wanted to help her from getting taken advantage of… i know my practicing and music is of course important but so is she and ive decided i need to make her a priority… im worried something really bad has happened to her… she said her parents have always disliked the boys she would be with and her mother even calls her a slut to her face so im sure shes not comfortable telling her parents anything at this point… i already tried to talk to the principal but he practically told me i was potentially ruining the teachers career so i know hes of no help at all… i feel like i should definitely go to the police but i dont want to get her in any more trouble… my other friend knows someone whos been in difficult situations like this before and im definitely going to txt her and see what she says… i have never seen my friend act like this and i know she needs someone to talk to… im afraid the teacher did something that now she might even be blaming herself for and thats not fair or right in my opinion… 😦

friendships and traitors

May 21, 2008 - 4 Responses

thanks everyone whos been really cool about what they said about the way our health teachers been trying to get with my friend… i would like to say that im not abolutely positive what they were drinking but im pretty sure it was alcohol… at least thats the way it looked… all i can say is that it was definitely NOT a bottle of suntan lotion like someone said… she has not talked to me since i posted the clip of her in his car… i didnt even think she reads my blog and the truth is we’re really not even that close… i was just trying to be a good friend but now some of her friends have called me a traitor to our friendship… it makes me really upset that people would not realize im just trying to keep her from getting hurt or in trouble at school… i feel like my heart is being torn in two different directions… i could also see how people might think im not being her friend and might even hate me for jepordising her chances of graduating… but if i do nothing and she gets hurt emotionally or worse i will feel like i wasnt a true friend.. one of my other friends gave me the email of someone hes close with whos not in our school but who he said had a similar situation once… im planning to write her a private letter so maybe she can offer any advice if she would like to… i also feel i should take a chance and tell the principal even though he may already know if he saw the video… honestly im worried things could get more complicated for her… i think our teacher is divorced and hes always acted too friendly with all the students in my opinion and he doesnt really care what anybody thinks… there was a rumor he got into a physical fight with a student once too… i personally wouldnt trust him and i worry about her being alone with him… honestly i really dont need or want any drama in my life right now all i want to do is get through these last few weeks and focus on my writing and music… but she is my friend and i tend to worry about her cuz she has a little bit of a reputation of not always making proper choices… i think the teacher knows this and is probably just trying to take advantage… hopefuly she will respect the fact that im not trying to ruin our friendship but i dont think shes capable of making good choices right now… i only want to do what a good friend would do in a situation like this… i just dont want to see her to get hurt is all… xo

i cant believe what i saw today

May 16, 2008 - 3 Responses

im a little upset right now about what i saw after class today… im not sure what if anything i should do about it… i went to go talk to my friend about the way she’s been letting our teacher get a little too overly friendly but as i was going to the senior lounge i saw her sitting in his car !!! they didnt see me and i feel a little guilty taking a video of them but i was just surprised how friendly they were acting with each other… he was really close to her and was even touching her hair… he even gave her a flask and she took some drinks from it… she was just playing it off like it was practically nothing… it really upsets me to  think she doesnt know how wrong it is… it really doesnt seem like this is proper behavior between a teacher and his student… i know she doesnt like him in that way but he may not know it and then who knows what could happen… to everyone who said i should get some proof before i go and ruin someones reputation pls have a look… i think this is proof to know somethings going on thats not right… i dont know if i should tell the principal or her parents and i definitely dont want to get her in any trouble right before the end of school… i feel he should know better and not try to take advantage… i dont want to alienate her or take a chance of having my friends dislike me but i feel looking the other way on this is something my heart wont allow….xo

the greatest two days ever !!!

May 15, 2008 - Leave a Response

the last two days have been completely and unbelievably amazing…  the guitarist from the party last week finally called… i was starting to think he forgot all about me and how i sang two songs with his band… anyway, he invited me over to their rehearsal space and it was really cool… i played them a little of the new song im working on which they liked alot and they actually started recording it…. it was unbelievable.. i was completely nervous and excited at the same time just to hear it come together… it starts out with me singing very quiet but then they kept telling me to just let go as the choruses come in and it was like all these emotions suddenly just started pouring out of me when i was singing and when they played it back i couldnt even believe it was me… i think its a lot more raw than the ocean which is good cuz it lets me show my range… i told them its called sparkle like stars so they added some cool sound affects throughout where the verses will go… it definitely helps to be surrounded by a true band who can really play and bring a song to life…  i know its still very rough and im still working on the verses plus they said they are going to add an extra guitar part which im sure will sound really cool… by the way ive decided instead of being confrontational with my friend about the whole teacher thing i’ll just let her know its not such a good idea to get so close with him even if shes just trying to get a good grade… i mean you never know what someones real agenda is anyway so why take chances right?…. im going to see her after school tomorrow and hopefully she wont be too evil about it… xo

sparkle like stars

something good and something weird

May 10, 2008 - 5 Responses

my audition at the cafe went really good and i think i can get the job as soon as i get a little better on the guitar… i sang three songs for the manager and he said he really liked my voice but my playing is just not that good… im definitely gonna call the guitarist from the party and see if they wanna hook it up… the manager asked if i had any original songs so i played him part of the ocean and he liked it alot too so m going to keep writing more songs… my friends now letting me use his storage space to rehearse in… its just like one of those public storage spaces and i literally had to beg my dad to let me cuz its a little isolated and he doesnt want me being there alone… hes very sweet though and got me a new lock for the door plus a space heater so now i can practice and sing as loud as i want and not disturb him and my mom when they r watching their precious tv shows… honestly just having the rehearsal space now means i can really work on new material which is all i care about anyway… i really cant wait til i dont have to go to any more classes so i can just focus on my career… i was a little upset today after class and im really not even sure what to do about it… maybe cuz ive been really thinking about the way people exploit each other for my next song but i saw a couple of my friends talking to our health teacher in the hall and it definitely seemed weird how friendly they were all getting… i know my friends like to be flirts and r always teasing the guys but i guess cuz it was the same teacher from the party last week who she was drinking with that now im definitely noticing it… i mean the way he was standing right up in them and he had his arm practically around her the whole time trust me it looked VERY comfortable if u know what i mean… anyway they r probably just wanting him to give them a good grade but i just think its creepy and teachers should not be mixing it up so much with their students… im definitely going to say something to her about it when i see her… right now im off to my practice space…xo